How do I begin the process of shipping my boat?

The first step you want to take is to get a freight quote from us. Based on the type of boat, dimensions, whether it is on a trailer or cradle, we will give you the most economical and secure option for shipping. Exportmyboat.com can pick up your boat anywhere in U.S. and load/secure in a container if necessary. We will supply an all inclusive rate for all the charges up to the destination port or door, if requested.

How do I get the dimensions?

Measurements should be length/width/height – the longest dimension should be used for each measurement. (If your boat is on a trailer then you will need to consider these specs).

If pieces that increase the extreme dimensions of the boat are removable then you should remove them and stow securely in your boat; this will make RO/RO shipping more cost effective. Please supply an approximate weight for shipping and the year/make/model.

Should I purchase insurance?

Marine Insurance is optional, however we highly recommend you take an insurance policy. The insurance rate is based on the value of the boat/yacht – we offer full and total loss coverage.

What do I have to know about Customs at destination?

You want to make certain that the destination you are shipping to will allow importation of the boat into their country. Some countries may require fumigation prior to shipping. You also want to estimate your import duties and taxes so you have a clear picture of all charges involved. For most countries, we can assist with our worldwide network of agents.

What is an ATA Carnet?

If you are interested in shipping your yacht out of the country temporarily then you should look into shipping on a ATA Carnet; this is a ‘Merchandise Passport’ which will allow your boat to ‘visit’ the destination country for up to one year. We will present Carnet to U.S. Customs for export and then it will be presented at destination customs to allow entry. Not all countries accept carnets so you want to do your research before pursuing this option.

What options do I have to export my boat?

You can ship on a RO/RO (roll on/roll off) vessel or in an enclosed export container, depending on the size of your boat or yacht. Containerized shipping is usually more economical, however not every boat will fit in a container.